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Axbridge Community Allotments

Almost everything you need to know about the Community Allotments is right here.

A message from the allotment holders:

"The community allotment is really looking good now and everyone's collective efforts are starting to pay off. The forest garden on our upper site now looks like the beginnings of a long term community forest garden and the allotment at Bailiffs Wall is really starting to produce a good amount of food and is a great space for learning, celebration and fun.

We would really like to encourage more members, especially younger members and families and people with limited time and space of their own. We think there is a lot to be gained from being a part of the community allotment, not least the fun of growing and learning together. Perhaps the best reason to join is that the work load is shared and is therefore much less responsibility than your own whole allotment plot. Really good for busy people like us.

We meet every week and for more information please email us or see our website: