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Voices of Axbridge Project

“...the passenger trains stopped soon after that and then the freight trains went on for about two years and then they stopped…. There was always the quarry trains…. We never knew what time and you always had to be careful crossing the line because of stone trains as we called them.”

What is it?

The Voices of Axbridge Project (VoA) was set up by the Axbridge Archaeological and Local History Society (AALHS) to create a “sound archive” of the town’s more recent history.

Funds were raised to buy recording, editing and presentational equipment. As a result, in the first instance, the voices of the older Axbridge folk are gradually being recorded and their memories of years gone by are being stored.

The recordings are also typed up and cross-referenced for the benefit of anyone interested in the town’s past.

All the material gathered will also be available to future historians and researchers. It is hoped to present some of the archived material within the museum at King John’s Hunting Lodge.

Who is involved?

The Project Leader is Mrs. Maggie Tur who is also the Town Modern Archivist, appointed by the Town Council. She and about half a dozen others form the core of the group of recorders and typists.

The most important people in the project are those who share their memories of course.

How can you help?

  • Would you be willing to be recorded and to share your memories of Axbridge?

  • Could you join the Project Team as an interviewer?

  • Could you help with typing?

  • Could you lend any photographs, pictures or postcards that show how the town used to be? These need not be ancient — we are interested in more recent changes too.

  • Could you suggest someone whose memories should not be forgotten that the Project Team might record?

  • For further information or to participate, please contact:

    Maggie Tur 732855 or Paul Passey 733373