Axbridge Town seal


The Mayor of Axbridge


The Mayor and Deputy Mayor were elected at the annual "Mayor Making" ceremony in the Town Hall on the 9th May 2016. Councillors Ian Laken and Pauline Ham were proposed and seconded by members of the Town Council. At the meeting, the outgoing Jennifer Trotman made a well-received and characteristically to-the-point speech thanking all who had served and helped throughout the year, and acknowledging the hard work put in by the other mayors from the surrounding towns.

Here are some pictures.

Councillor Laken was duly "robed" and signed his acceptance of office:

Acceptance of office 2016


The new Mayor then took the official Oath to uphold just about everything for Queen, country, and Axbridge.

Taking the Oath 2016

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The Mayor proposed Councillor Pauline Ham as his deputy, and she was duly elected, to the delight of Mayor Ian and Mayoress Nicole Laken.

Election of Deputy Mayor 2016

Mayor Laken gives his acceptance speech:

Acceptance speech 2016


The new Mayor gives his thanks to the outgoing Mayor Jennifer Trotman:

Mayors new and old


The new 'tradition' of Mayor's cadet continues with a representative from the Axbridge Sea Cadets:

Mayor's Cadet 2016