Axbridge Town seal


Axbridge: The Mayor's Oath


I … shall well and truly serve the Queen’s Majesty in the office of the Mayor within this Town of Axbridge, and shall surely and safely within my power do all things that pertain to the Office of Mayor, according to Her Majesty’s laws.

I shall observe, keep, uphold, defend and maintain Her Majesty’s royal estate and authority as true and lawful Queen of this Realm, and the authority of her lawful heirs and successors.

I shall deal honestly, gently, lawfully and rightfully with the Queen’s Majesty’s people within this Town.

I shall, as near as God shall give me grace, do right and minister justice to every man, as well to poor as to rich, as well to strangers as to people known, in such things as pertain to my office.

I shall not cease to do right and to administer equal justice, neither for authority nor riches, favours, friendship, gifts or promises of gifts, nor rewards.

I shall not interfere with, nor hinder, the rights of the Monarch or her subjects: but only do in all things that which to the Mayor of the Town belongs to do, so long as I shall continue in the same office, as near as God shall give me grace.

So help me God, by the contents of this Book.

Given this … day of … in the year of our Lord …