Axbridge Town seal


Axbridge Mayoral Regalia


The Chain Gang

The Mayor's chain of office is worn at official Town Council occasions, or when the Mayor is attending other events representing the town. Usually an invitation to another town will specifically request that chains be worn, but if not it is polite for the Mayor to ask permission to wear the chain in someone else's territory (probably so that it's not viewed as an invasion by outsiders!). The local Mayors are often referred to as the "Chain Gang".

The Axbridge chain is quite delicate by comparison with many other towns, whose chains can be quite heavy and metallic. Ours has the decorative chain sewn onto a blue ribbon, and it often elicits admiration from other Mayors and Mayoresses because of how unusual it is.

Mayoral Chain Mayoral Chain detail Mayoral Chain Badge

Click on pictures for a bigger view. The current Mayoral Chain was started in memory of "Jack" Todd, resident of Axbridge, whose bequest continues to be administered by the Parochial Charities (click here and search for charity 233378).

Mayoress or Consort

If the Mayor is female, her husband or nominated partner for the mayoral year is referred to as the "Consort". If the Mayor is male, then the partner is the "Mayoress" (although who knows what that would be if they were both male!).

The Mayoress or Consort gets to wear a smaller chain of office:

Mayoress/Consort Chain Mayoress/Consort detail

Robes & hats

On special occasions, the Mayor wears the robes, which are made of a thick red woollen material trimmed with fur. They are fully lined, and very heavy, especially on hot days! They are worn with the traditional frilly collar or "jabot", and white cotton gloves.

Mayoral Robes

To top the lot, a hat: either the bicorn (two-cornered) for gentlemen, or the tricorn (three-cornered) for ladies.

Mayoral Bicorn Mayoral Tricorn