Axbridge Town seal


The Axbridge Town Trust


Charity Commission Charter 1889The Axbridge Town Trust was created by the Charity Commissioners in 1889, defining its objectives and listing the assets to be held by the Trustees. The Trust manages the remaining assets of the former Incorporated Borough of Axbridge, which was created under Royal Charter in 1557. Prior to that Axbridge had flourished as a busy market town since it became a burh (a fortified place) under King Alfred the Great.

Axbridge lost this corporate status under “The Municipal Corporations Act, 1883,” which sought to eliminate small boroughs from having responsibility for civil and criminal jurisdiction, exclusive rights regarding trading, jury exemptions and various other ancient privileges.


Today the Axbridge Town Trust retains many of the assets it was given over a century ago.
Major assets include The Square, the Town Hall, certain smaller properties and pieces of land and various artefacts. Many of the artefacts are managed by other bodies on behalf of the Trust. These include the local museum (King John’s Hunting Lodge) and the Somerset Record Office, now located in the new Somerset Heritage Centre.

Meetings & Contacts

The Axbridge Town Trust meets on the first Monday of every other month (February, April, June, August, October and December) to manage its properties and to preserve, and facilitate use of, the heritage artefacts it has inherited.

Although meetings are held in private, any matters falling within their scope of responsibilities can be raised directly with any of the Trustees, or through the Clerk.